When you (the consignor) arrive with your items you will pull into the yard and park your vehicle (off to the side, please don't block the gates) and come on into the office where we will take all your information (including a list of what it is you are bring in to sell, please check out our 'Office Policy' for more information) and we will give you a consignor number.  You are thereby hiring CVA as your agent in the selling of your items.  You will get tags with your consignor number on them to put on each of the lots (pallet of items) that you just consigned in.  You will then proceed out to the yard and our yard man will help you, just let him know you are new and are unsure of what to do.  Check the 'Current Event' section or call for cutoff dates and for more information. Most items need to be in our yard at least a week prior to the auction date.   Space is limited and cutoff dates may change at any time.  We reserve the right to refuse any item for consignment.  If you are selling a vehicle or trailer that is or has been registered with the DMV, the title must be in your name.  All vehicles must be currently registered or on a non-op and they must be smog'd  within the last two months before the auction date (limited exceptions).   Our commission rates per lot are as follows:

​       Large equipment, implements, vehicles, trailer & most irrigation pipe

  • 15%  if Sold    -    6% Bid Back Fee on each lot the consignor buys back

           (commission rates as of April 2007)

          Miscellaneous items in the pallet section

  • 35% if Sold or Bid Back (one straight rate) we don't allow BB on the Misc items, but the computer will recognize it as one, just know that you will still be charged the full commission rate for the price it was 'sold/BB' for on auction day. 

         (commission rates as of May 2017)

Remember: CVA is acting as your agent in the selling of your property. (CVA is NOT a dealer)

All sales are FINAL, you can not change your mind after the fact just because you don't like the price it sold for, IT SOLD!  ​Payouts will not be ready until 2-3 weeks after an auction.  Call for specific date.

Selling (Consignors) at auctions

Buying (Bidders) at auctions

​Serving Farmers for OVER 50 Years

Bond# Bd7900 653127

Equipment Transportation

At this time we do not offer transportation services.  
If you give us a call (559) 582-5837 we can supply suggestions as to a few local hauling companies.


Central Valley Auction,Inc.

Buyers (usually) have until the second Friday after an Saturday auction to remove their items out of our yard, a yellow storage note will be attached to the top of your invoice with the date (approx. 2 weeks).   Items left in our yard after that date will begin to accumulate storage fees at $25 per lot per day.   All items still left in our yard at the next auction date will be sold for storage.   

CVA is an auction company NOT a storage yard!

​​Buying items at our auctions is a very simple process.  You may get your bidder card early or simply show up on the day of our auction and get your card.  You MUST come into our office with a driver licenses or photo ID in order to get a bidder card.  Once you have your card you are set. 

Sales tax  will be charged.  

Purchased are due on auction day.
We accept cash or checks.

(Out of state checks must be accompanied by a letter of guarantee from your bank).

Wire transfers accepted, come into the office for that information. 

Credit Cards NOW accepted. 

(surcharge will be added)
Buyers accept that all purchases are "as is, where is" with

    no guarantees or warranties expressed or implied.  

All sales are final.

(when auctioneer says 'SOLD' it is now the property of that bidder #)

(Early sign up will be Monday thru Friday the week before a sale)
(Early sign up for February Sale will start at least a week before the sale)

Check the "Current Events" page for dates.

We do NOT offer any online bidding or phone bidding! We will take a PROXY bid, which you have to come into our office to fill out and leave a 25% deposit and must be done no later than 4:30pm the day before an auction.

Payment is due auction day.  Buyers will have a 'Storage' notice attached to the top of their invoice informing them of the last day to remove their items.  Items still in our yard after posted date will begin accumulating storage fees at $25 per lot per day.   All items left in our yard come next auction day will be sold for storage.

Vehicle Purchasers: Processing of paperwork may take up to 20 days from the day of sale, unless posted or stated otherwise. As-Is's will be posted on vehicles and buyer will be required to sign a copy.  Paperwork is mailed certified mail.  It is the buyers' responsibility to register vehicles with the DMV.  Central Valley Auction is NOT a dealer; we are acting only as an agent for the seller.  True DMV purchases will not pay use tax to CVA.  Purchaser will have to pay use tax to the DMV at the same time they register vehicle in their name.

We have two auction wagons running at the same time.  If you are interested in items located in different sections of our yard, please bring a friend with you.

We have NO designated parking, street parking ONLY!

All descriptions are believed to be accurate, but this can not be guaranteed.

It is the buyers responsibility to know what they are buying.

Notice: As we are a consignment auction, we therefore cannot guarantee that an advertised or posted item will actually make it into the yard for the auction.  So if you are interested in a specific piece, please call us to confirm that the item is here the day before the auction.  You can also come drive through the yard and take a look anytime we are are open.  But please make sure you are out of the yard at least 15 minutes before closing time.  No one likes being locked in when the dogs are loose.

​​We are a consignment auction company - which means that people (consignors) bring us their items to sell at scheduled sales, and we (CVA) are only agents for the consigners.  We normally have a sale between 6 & 12 week apart (usually five a year Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep & Dec); do not ask for a calendar as dates are not pre-set.    It is a live auction with bidders actively bidding in front of auctioneers at a fast pace.  We may also hold an 'away' sale taking place at an business or privately owned location that has one, a couple or just a few consigners. We do send brochures by USPS mail and will send a email notification that the webpage has been updated.  All you have to do is sign up to receive them.  No full listing will be posted, we do NOT supply a catalog for the sales and we will NOT post auction results.

We are open to the public.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

8am - 4:30pm 

Saturdays - CLOSED 

Unless we are having an auction on that day. Then we will be closing at 4:30pm. 

Check 'Current Events' so see next auction date.

Sundays - CLOSED

We are USUALLY open the Sunday after a Saturday auction - 9am to 2:30pm

(this is at the discretion of Michael, so it is best to call to see if we are going to be open) 
*Please realize that we are a small business and do not have a large staff.  So we ask for your patience and understanding that we may not have the time to respond to requests, especially when things are busy around here and we are getting ready for our next auction or have just had one.  You are more than welcome to come into our yard to look at a item yourself during regular business hours.  While we may be a small business, we are forthright and upfront.  You can see posted right here on our website what our commission rates are, we don’t hide it like other big name auction companies do.  We won’t MAKE you pay us to refurbish or paint your item(s) before we will sell them.  Sold as-is where-is, so buyers can see it for what it is USED equipment; we don’t try to hide things with a coat of paint!  But that doesn’t mean we don’t on occasion get New (or near new) equipment in to sell.  Buyers can see what they are getting and sellers know what we charge.  Plain, simple and straight forward.