Consigning DMV's we need:
Title (in your name)
Current Registration (showing expiration date, non-op or PTI
Smog Certificate (good for only 90 days)

(does it run? if answer is 'yes' then it needs a smog certificate)

(Gas - '76 or newer  /  Diesel - '98 or newer less than 14,000lb GVWR)
We also have other DMV forms that will need to be sign at the time of consignment.

CVA is NOT a dealer, we are only an agent working on behalf of the consigner.

Tread on Tires Must be 75% or Better

We do NOT accept most:  Dishwashers, Washers & Dryers, Stoves, Refrigerators, Freezers (unless made of stainless steel or are a true antique), TV's, Computer Monitors, Microwaves, Household furnishings & Glass (like windows).


(Whether you sell or bid back items in the miscellaneous section the commission rate is 35%)

​Serving Farmers for OVER 50 Years

Commission Rates:  15/6%  -  35%

If items do not sell, are passed over (PO)  you may be required to come pick them up.  If so, your check maybe held until they are.

Bond# Bd7900 653127

Central Valley Auction,Inc.

Remember: We are an Auction selling equipment and merchandise.
We are 
We reserve the right to refuse to consign items.