Bond# Bd7900 653127

Consigning DMV's we need:
Title (in your name)
Current Registration (showing expiration date, non-op or PTI
Smog Certificate (good for only 90 days)

(does it run? if answer is 'yes' then it needs a smog certificate)

(Gas - '76 or newer  /  Diesel - '98 or newer less than 14,000lb GVWR)
We also have other DMV forms that will need to be sign at the time of consignment.

Tread on Tires Must be 75% or Better

We do NOT accept most:  Dishwashers, Washers & Dryers, Stoves, Refrigerators, Freezers (unless made of stainless steel or are a true antique), TV's, Computer Monitors, Microwaves, Household furnishings & Glass (like windows).


Commission Rates:  15/6%  -  35%

(Whether you sell or bid back items in the miscellaneous section the commission rate is 35%)

Remember: We are an Auction selling equipment and merchandise.
We are 
We reserve the right to refuse to consign items.

​Serving Farmers for OVER 50 Years

If items do not sell, are passed over (PO)  you may be required to come pick them up.  If so, your check maybe held until they are.

Central Valley Auction,Inc.