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6 - JOHN DEERE 6220Ls 
w/ NELSON Spray Cabs




59 Joints of 6" Aluminum Gated Pipe    





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JD 6220L w/ Nelson Spray Cabs
(2 of 6)
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6" Aluminum Gated Pipe


New Photos May Be Added As Items Come In

We can NOT guarantee that items 'promised' will actually make it into our yard for the auction.


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1993 CASE IH 9380
IMG_0263.jpg (95802 bytes) Deluxe Cab., 400HP, 12 speed, complete engine overhaul w/ 208+ hours, 
w/ receipts from Linders Equipment. 
18ft 18yd Miskin Scraper, Scarifier shanks. TOPCON GPS.

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